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GEPQ (Genuine Exceptional Paper Quality) represents high quality original paper. What is high quality original paper? This means that for paper money that has been printed in a banknote printing factory, the notes have retained the original fine printing ink, the printing on the design of the paper money itself and the original paper material have not been altered in any way and there are no signs of environmental pollution or damage. If any of the above flaws are found, they cannot be graded by GEPQ. Man-made processes such as tampering with the watermarks, flattening out of the notes, or chemical cleaning (reflecting fluorescence), are not recognized as GEPQ or EPQD. Each TQG-certified item is labelled as either GEPQ or EPQD.


TQG will accept paper money with the new label EPQD, which is a grey area ignored by other competitors, for example the well-known "P" company. In the growing world of the currency collecting industry, there are a lot of people interested in making huge profits by altering or forging banknotes. TQG do not want these phenomenon to happen. The collecting of banknotes should always came from an interest in collecting notes as artwork and also to appreciate the beauty and original qualities left behind by history on the banknotes. The EPQD technology appraisals take into account the original appearance of these old banknotes. Even if these historical bank notes have not been altered artificially, time and the environment inevitably have had an impact on them. Even with these small traces of pollution, it still allows them to be classified as EPQD (EXCEPTIONAL PAPER QUALITY DETAIL). Paper money can be rated as EPQD only when it meets the standards and retains the original printing, the original printing ink, and the identifying markers have not been altered or destroyed artificially, and any stains do not exceed the acceptable standards.


For any TQG-certified coin or banknote, you can check out on the grade and authenticity of the coin or banknote by entering the authentication code in TQG's official website. TQG Coin Accreditation Authority is guaranteed and complies with genuine product assurance regulations. If you buy any coins or banknotes rated by TQG, and find them to be fake, you can ask for a claim, TQG will provide full compensation based on the amount of insurance purchased at the time of the rating.